• What do you want to become when you grow up?

    A question you might have faced a zillion times. And your answer would have been a myriad of your dream jobs – Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Teacher, etc.

  • I want to become a Space Scientist. But I wonder whether it is the right career for me.

    Will I be able to know more about meteors? Is the job of astronaut same as that of space scientist? Well…I am confused!!!

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    What to do after 12th grade?
  • Car Designer Yes, that’s my dream profession.

    Calibri’s Interns & Mentors program helped me get a real time idea about automobile designing. The time spent with my mentor was so much beneficial in choosing correctly.

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    Best course for students

    Job Shadowing
    What to do after 12th grade?
    Career Planning
    Career assessment
    Career aptitude
    Course selection after 12th
    Best course for students
    Job Shadowing in Dubai
    Job Shadow Host
    future career options
    Integrated Career Planning & Internship
    Job Shadowing Sessions
    Teen Survival Tips
    One-to-One Career Planning
    Managing School to College Transition
    Internationally Accredited Assessments
    Digital Skills
    Career options
    Mentors and Interns
    Team Calibri
  • Most in-demand Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs

    Searching for the job options in AI? We are here to help you.
    Get hands-on-experience before joining the course.

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    Job Shadowing
  • Now as you are ready to step into your future career, are you still confused?

    Wondering what your dream profession is actually like?
    No worries… We are here to help you.

    Job Shadowing

    Drag to the right future

  • A golden opportunity to get to know your ‘Dream Profession’ in real!!!

    Understand the profession before you choose it.

    Job Shadowing

Mentors & Interns Program (M&I)

M&I is a prodigious training program designed by Team Calibri for students to experience a corporate environment for the first time and get a sight of the profession they are considering for themselves in future; through Job Shadowing, Career Planning session, Personal Grooming etc.

Thinking what it is??

To put it simply, you get an opportunity to spend time with an experienced professional from your dream job. Job shadowing will help you decide which career you would enjoy the most.


Team Calibri, the mentors of the young aspirants along with our Job-shadow hosts are always enthusiastic in guiding the prospective professionals of tomorrow.

Job Shadow Host

Become a source of wisdom, teaching and support. Help the young aspirants believe in their dreams.

Join Us… Be a Job Shadow Host & Guide Them

All you have to do is:

  • Register with us to become a Job Shadow Host of ‘Mentors and Interns’ Program.
  • Spend some time with the interns/students to show them the real side of your profession.
  • Be an inspiration to the young aspirants.

There’s a young person today who needs a word of encouragement and guidance. And that person is waiting for you.

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